Zden storefront at 36 Melbourne Avenue

A bright sunny shop in the heart of Colombo and a stone’s throw from Galle Road and the Marine drive, Zden has been described as comfortable, tasteful and always in trend. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Colombo 04 the boutique store provides a serene atmosphere with ample parking and time to browse around.

From its small beginnings, Zden has grown in a very large scale to what it is today. Aesthetically pleasing, Zden showcases some of the best quality home and hotel ware which are favorites among many. The boutique is a treasure trove for all your needs that make perfect additions to your home or hotel.

There’s plenty packed in at Zden from dinner sets, tea sets and coffee sets, porcelain and ceramic products and glassware. Zden also has a wide handloom selection for both you and your home.